Get a comprehensive view of your metrics

We spare you the hassle of gathering all your data scattered across platforms in one place to give you more time for critical scaling decisions.
Subscription tracking made easy

Perfect for apps with hybrid monetization

Track critical metrics to measure revenue generated from subscriptions, in-app ads, and in-app purchases in a single real-time dashboard.

Integrated with your favorite solutions

Receive subscription events from widely used subscription management solutions with just a few clicks.
Not using any of these solutions? Sending events via server-side API is also possible.
Full support for your global expansion

Have all data in your preferred currency

Manage global transactions and UA operations easily through automated currency conversion to your preferred standard currency.

Have data aligned with your time zone

Customize reports according to the time zones of your choice for a better grasp of your data.
Enable customer lifecycle optimization

Do more with your engagement campaign data

Boost retention by leveraging engagement campaign data pulled from widely adopted customer engagement solutions through painless integrations.
One significant upside of using Airbridge is its knowledgeable and responsive support team. They always respond promptly and with helpful solutions.”
Cal Z., Head of Sales

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Airbridge offers not only the Last Touch Attribution model, but also Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) and Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) – features that no competitors provide.”
Kevin C., CEO, NNT