Web & mobile analytics
No more siloed measurement.
Obtain 1.5× more data insights across your web & app including customer behaviour, campaign performance, fraud detection, and app uninstall metrics.
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Analyze web & mobile performance
Choose from over 40 performance metrics such as click, impression, install, reinstall, signup, purchase, ROAS, and custom metrics for web & mobile. Filter and group data with over 200+ criteria for analysis.
Fraud detection metrics and reports
Airbridge provides a report of the sources of fraudulent traffic, and allows you to further analyze its nature such as click injection, click flooding, and more.
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Analyze app uninstalls
Examine and attribute uninstalls to the same channel that had the last touchpoint before conversion occured.
See how clients are using web & mobile analytics
We can study data from Android and iOS, as well as web and app at a single glance from the dashboard. The customization function allows us to tailor reports suited to our business reporting needs.”
Jongsock Park
Measuring growth has never been this easy.
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