Web + App Attribution

Our tools help bridge measurement fragmentation across devices, platforms, and identities to deliver unified reporting on your marketing performance in one dashboard.
Measuring cross-platform journeys is critical for digital businesses.
The ability to track users' journeys as they travel across your brand’s website and app is critical for accurate measurement.
But measurement for
web + app journeys is fragmented.
Existing measurement solutions are solely siloed towards mobile or web tracking, and tracking users’ purchase journeys across your website and app is a tedious process.
Unifies Measurement.
Airbridge’s Web and App SDK allows you to easily track individual platform conversions, as well as cross-device and cross-platform conversion journeys. All touchpoints collected across the web and app are then mapped to a people-based identity for accurate measurement.
Mobile Attribution
Attribute mobile app installs and conversions to the right media channels. Airbridge tracks not only user acquisition campaigns but also re-engagement campaigns by using deep linking and re-engagement parameters.
Web Attribution
Airbridge’s Web SDK tracks all conversions on your website. Discover which campaigns drove the highest conversions by including campaign parameters on your website URL.
Web-to-App Attribution
Our web-to-app functionality attributes mobile app installs that are driven by conversions on the website. Users that converted from the web can be seamlessly redirected to a specific in-app page through our deep link.
Uninstall Attribution
Discover which users uninstalled their app and attribute the uninstalls to the original channel where the users converted from.
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