Universal web & mobile attribution
Analyze web+mobile growth from a single dashboard
Measure campaign performance across different marketing channels and attribute subsequent web & mobile conversions from a single dashboard.
Experience universal attribution
No more fragmented attribution
Collect growth data across mobile app & web and desktop web with Airbridge's mobile and web SDKs. All data collected are available for unified analysis on the dashboard.
The only platform that mastered web & mobile attribution
Airbridge is capable of analyzing UTM parameters on web and tracking links on mobile.
Enabling cross-platform redirection and tracking
Conveniently generate tracking links with redirection paths for Android, iOS, and desktop. Airbridge's deep links are optimized for all types of browsers and in-app platforms to enable cross-platform performance tracking.
Do more with Airbridge's universal web & mobile attribution
Airbridge simplified our measurement by unifying our cross-platform web and app events under a single customer identity…(Airbridge) allows us to build reports for various high-level business and marketing reporting functions.”
Hugh Park
Head of Marketing Business
Discover the best performing marketing campaigns
Analyze the conversion of ad campaigns deployed across various platforms and customer segments, and optimize ad spend towards the best performing campaign in subsequent deployments.
Gain a 360 view of web & mobile conversions
Say goodbye to using multiple attribution tools to track web & mobile conversions. With Airbridge, you can measure both simultanoeusly with ease, convenience, and efficiency.
Measuring growth has never been this easy.
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