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for mobile attribution
Airbridge offers a balanced view into your marketing activities to guide you through a privacy-first era.
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Chasing innovation in marketing science, Airbridge offers multi-touch attribution and marketing mix modeling on top of the classic last-touch attribution from its Unified Measurement Stack.

MMM for macro-strategic planning, MTA & Incrementality for performance monitoring, and LTA for micro-optimization.
Answer critical questions with marketing science
Airbridge is built on machine learning, Bayesian statistics, causal inference, and many other advanced techniques. Regular calibration using lift tests and real-world experiments ensure reliability and accuracy.
Measure incremental impact of marketing
Scale up stronger channels and optimize budget allocation. On top of attribution, Airbridge evaluates the true incremental contribution of your paid ads.
Insights into action, action into impact
Airbridge goes beyond retrospective analysis to deliver prescriptive and predictive solutions, providing practical insights that can be acted upon immediately.
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Measure every action, attribute every outcome
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Discover the true sources of growth
Identify the channels and campaigns that generate the most value through incrementality measurement.
A holistic approach to privacy-preserving measurement
Marketing Mix Modeling is a privacy-safe measurement solution that prescribes an optimal marketing mix and provides predictive insights.
Discover true sources of growth with Airbridge’s Unified Measurement Stack.
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