Unified Measurement Stack

Your trusted source of data for mobile attribution.

Airbridge offers a balanced view into your marketing activities to guide you through a privacy-first era.
Chasing innovation in marketing science, Airbridge offers multi-touch attribution and marketing mix modeling on top of the classic last-touch attribution from its Unified Measurement Stack.
MMM for macro-strategic planning, MTA & Incrementality for performance monitoring, and LTA for micro-optimization.

Answer critical questions with marketing science

Airbridge is built on machine learning, Bayesian statistics, causal inference, and many other advanced techniques. Regular calibration using lift tests and real-world experiments ensure reliability and accuracy.

Measure incremental impact of marketing

A SKAdNetwork conversion value is defined by 6 bits, which only allows 64 values to map signals about a user’s post-install activity. Airbridge provides the most commonly used schemes as presets, making it easier to choose an option that best fits your app.

Insights into action, action into impact

Airbridge goes beyond retrospective analysis to deliver prescriptive and predictive solutions, providing practical insights that can be acted upon immediately.
Airbridge offers not only the Last Touch Attribution model, but also Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) and Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) – features that no competitors provide.”
Kevin C., CEO, NNT

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The only balanced view into your marketing performance

Thrive in a privacy-centric landscape by looking into your performance from various angles.
Unified Measurement Stack →

Discover the
true sources of growth

Identify the channels and campaigns that generate the most value through incrementality measurement.
MTA & Incrementality →

A holistic approach to privacy-preserving measurement

Marketing Mix Modeling is a privacy-safe measurement solution that prescribes an optimal marketing mix and provides predictive insights.
Marketing Mix Modeling →

Measure every action, attribute every outcome

Gain visibility into the performance of every campaign and channel with web and app conversion data aggregated into a unified dashboard.
Web + App Unified Attribution →

Future-proof your iOS 14.5+ and SKAdNetwork attribution

Airbridge’s SKAdNetwork & ATT solutions make it simpler to succeed on iOS while adhering to Apple’s privacy policies.
SKAdNetwork & ATT Solutions →

Measure and analyze everything

Real-time data for all reporting purposes in a single centralized dashboard, from impressions, conversions, uninstalls, cost aggregation, and revenue.
Marketing Analytics →

A single view of all cohort-based cost analysis

Consolidate your cost data from multiple sources in one place. Save time using a standardized dashboard that accurately visualizes cost, conversion and revenue data.
Cost Aggregation & ROAS Analytics →

Ensure data reliability for critical business decisions

Protect your marketing budget and decision-making with complete fraud protection rules you can rely on.
Fraud Protection & Detection →

Deliver exceptional mobile experiences

Boost conversions by providing seamless redirections to in-app pages while attributing conversions across web-to-app, influencers, paid channels, email, SMS, and QR codes.
Deep Linking →

Reach the right audience blazing fast

Engage users with the right message at the right time. Audience creation is customizable down to the most granular property.
Audience Management →

Do more with data available in real-time

Export and store extensive mobile and web log data for deeper analysis.
Data Export →

From support to success

Full-fledged support from experts with extensive experience in performance marketing, growth hacking, and ad-tech.
Customer Success →

Global standards in data protection

Airbridge applies multiple layers of data protection based on international security and privacy standards.
Security & Privacy →
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