Web + App Analytics

Analyze in granularity how users are engaging with your ads and campaigns through a wide range of activity metrics. Our customizable reports allow you to build reports to reveal how users converted and re-engaged, and the performance of your campaign in real-time.
Actuals Report
Actuals Report allows you to build custom dashboards tailored to specific marketing or business analysis needs. With a wide range of data fields, reports can be customized to provide marketers or executives with visibility of users’ web and app activities, acquisition and engagement status, and campaigns.
Trend Report
User acquisition, conversion, and engagement events across web and app can be visualized into hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly trend lines for a more intuitive performance overview of your brand’s marketing campaigns.
Reinstall and
Retention Report
Optimize your marketing ROI of various marketing channels and campaigns by studying new installs, reinstalls, and retention of highly-engaged users.
Reinstall Report
Retention Report
Active Users Report
Active Users Report gives you a visualized and table overview of the daily, weekly and monthly unique users, as well as paying users, revenue, ARPU, and ARPPU.
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