Multi-Touch Attribution & Incrementality Measurement

Measure the true incremental effectiveness of advertising touchpoints on user conversion through advanced machine learning and statistical methodologies.
Go beyond simplistic
last-touchpoint attribution.
Commonly used last-touchpoint models credit 100% of user conversion to the last touchpoint. In other words, marketers are not able to measure the value of all touchpoints (both last and assisting) or measure the true incremental effect of their campaigns as the last advertisement is assumed to have fully contributed to conversions.
Capture the true effectiveness of ads’ through Airbridge Incrementality.
To overcome the shortages of last-touchpoint attribution, Airbridge’s Multi-Touchpoint Attribution (MTA) & Incrementality suite enables you to measure the incremental effectiveness of ads in influencing conversions.
Airbridge Incrementality measures advertising effectiveness by comparing the conversion rates between users in treatment (exposed to ads) and control (not exposed to ads/organic) groups.
Users are separated via machine learning and statistical methodologies into homogenous segments based on similar characteristics and behaviors (user behavioral data, device-related metadata, and user-related metadata) to ensure fairness in comparison. Upon installing the SDK, marketers can access the Airbridge dashboard from day 1 and view the incrementality report that is refreshed daily.
Key Benefits of Airbridge Incrementality
Quickly compare MTA & Incrementality results with that of last-touch to identify under or overestimated channels.
Reduce inefficient marketing budget on channels that do not provide incremental effects on conversion.
Discover channels that cannibalize organic conversions and exploit last-touchpoint attribution model.
Learn more about user conversion journeys
Touchpoint Analysis Report
Discover the true nature of user conversion journeys through Airbridge Touchpoint Analysis report. Once an attribution lookback window is set, the report displays the percentage of user conversion journeys that were influenced by single, multiple touchpoints, or no touchpoints.
Touchpoint Overlap Analysis
It is important for ads to reach new audiences to achieve higher user acquisition. Reduce inefficient spending of marketing budget by discovering channels that are overlapping their ad exposure to the same users repeatedly. Ad exposures that are overlapping on the same audience usually means wasteful ad spend as the marketing channel has low exposures to new users.
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