MTA & Incrementality
Measure the true incremental effectiveness of marketing in influencing user conversion
Discover the effects of advertising in driving incremental conversions. Client studies have shown up to 10-30% improvement in marketing performance after optimizing media mix with Airbridge incrementality.
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Go beyond simplistic
last-touchpoint attribution
Commonly used last-touchpoint models credit 100% of user conversions to the last touchpoint without measuring the value of prior touchpoints in assisting conversions.
Study the true effectiveness of
ads through Airbridge
Say goodbye to last touchpoints and discover the value of contributory touchpoints towards eventual conversion.
Powered by advanced machine learning and statistical methodologies
Incremental effectiveness of advertising is derived by comparing the conversion rates between users in treatment (exposed to ads) and control (not exposed to ads/organic) groups. This process excludes users with the intention of converting before being exposed to ads.
Our methodologies consider the conversion baseline and various factors including demographics, seasonal variations, device-related data, and user behavioural data.
Maximize performance by focusing ad spend on marketing channels with the highest incremental growth. Minimize ad spend on marketing channels that provide low incremental growth.
Multi-touch attribution
Analyze how touchpoints contribute towards conversion
A minimum of 30% of conversions occur after 3 or more touchpoints. Airbridge's MTA reveals essential touchpoints that actually contribute to eventual conversion.
Touchpoint analytics
Discover the nature of user conversion journeys through Airbridge Touchpoint Analysis report. The report displays the percentage of user conversion journeys that were influenced by single, multiple touchpoints, or no touchpoints.
Touchpoint overlap analytics
Reduce inefficient ad spend by studying channels that are overlapping their ad exposure to the same users repeatedly.
Key benefits of incrementality
After using Airbridge incrementality, we discovered channels that provided incremental growth and reduced spending on channels that had high organic conversions. This depth of insight was previously not possible with just last-touch attribution.”
Jongsock Park
Reveal the true incremental benefits of advertising
Customer C faced difficulty distinguishing between organic traffic and incremental growth derived from their advertisements. After Airbridge incrementality, Customer C is now able to make such distinction and analyze the true benefits of advertising.
Measuring growth has never been this easy.
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