MTA & Incrementality

Discover true sources of growth

Identify the channels and campaigns that generate the most value. Studies have shown up to 30% improvement in marketing performance after optimizing media mix with Airbridge Incrementality.

Understanding the actual impact of marketing with Airbridge

Powered by advanced machine learning and statistical techniques, Airbridge measures incrementality and reveals the value of multiple touchpoints along the conversion path. Results are calibrated using randomized controlled trials to resemble real-world experiments.

Insights beyond
last-touch attribution

The last-touch attribution (LTA) model assigns 100% of the credit to the single last touchpoint, overlooking the rest of the user journey.
Airbridge’s multi-touch attribution (MTA) takes more than one touchpoint into consideration and distributes appropriate weight among them. Our proprietary incrementality model measures the role that each touchpoint plays in a conversion.

Up-to-date incrementality analysis at your fingertips

Compare incrementality measurement results with last-touch attribution results. With results refreshed daily, you can optimize budget toward channels and campaigns that are over- or under-performing.

Understand fragmented user journeys at a glance

As more than 30% of conversions occur after three or more touchpoints, accounting for multiple touchpoints is essential in marketing measurement. Airbridge provides various types of reports to weave a full picture of your user journey.

Touchpoints Analysis

Find out the percentage of conversion paths influenced by single, multiple, and no touchpoints. Discover how many users are multi-touch or organic in nature and which touchpoints you should invest further.

Touchpoints Overlap

Reduce budget inefficiency by identifying channels that are repeating ads to the same users and knowing how much the audience in multiple channels overlaps.
We ran an incremental MTA study with Airbridge and found that the results were significantly higher LTA results, which better aligned with our actual business results. Compared to tests, Airbridge MTA results were only slightly lower, and we could have confidence in our campaign.”
Jongseok Park, COO, D.Code
The more you use the tool, the more you feel it is built by someone who understands digital advertising and marketing technology.”
Kevin C., CEO, NNT

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