Marketing Mix Modeling

A holistic approach to privacy-preserving measurement

Airbridge’s Marketing Mix Modeling
is a privacy-safe measurement solution that prescribes an optimal marketing mix and provides predictive insights.

Privacy-safe measurement in a privacy-first world

Data protection acts, third-party cookie deprecation, and the iOS 14.5+ App Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework have significantly shifted the marketing world. With limitations on user-level attribution, mobile measurement has to be more privacy-centric.
Airbridge MMM utilizes aggregated channel-level data rather than user-level data to help you regain performance visibility and optimize budget while preserving user privacy.
No more black box modeling

Create custom MMMs and control data inputs

Create custom MMMs tailored towards specific business KPIs by selecting specific cost/performance data for automatic ingestion or self-service upload external data for calibration.

Gain visibility over your MMM

Get a quick overview of key information such as analysis target, input data and channels, calibration status, and last calibration time.
Marketing Mix Analysis

Understand the true effectiveness of your channels

Airbridge MMM reveals the incremental effectiveness of your campaigns across key metrics such as install, eCPI, and eROAS by estimating the conversion baseline*.
*Conversions that would have occurred independent of marketing variables
Budget Optimization

Optimize ad spend within your budget

Powered by advanced machine learning, Airbridge MMM analyzes your historical campaign performance and recommends an optimal amount to allocate to each channel to achieve desired growth targets within budget.

Step up your attribution with the Unified Measurement Stack

Use last-touch and multi-touch attribution along with marketing mix modeling to achieve a balanced perspective. Build your own measurement stack for different stages of your marketing cycle.
Airbridge provides a multi-touch attribution model, and no competitors offer that feature.”
Kevin C., CEO, NNT

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