iOS 14.5 Solutions

Apple’s iOS 14.5 and the new App Tracking Transparency initiative ushered in new challenges in attribution & measurement. Airbridge has adapted its solutions to cater for these privacy changes and SKAdNetwork.
iOS 14.5 is live
Since 26th April 2021, Apple began enforcing the ATT framework for all apps beginning with the public release of iOS 14.5, iPadOS 14.5 and tvOS 14.5.Apple’s new privacy changes are well-described in their new <User Privacy and Data Use> document.
Bringing focus back to user privacy
iOS 14.5 puts user privacy at the forefront. Without users' permission, neither the app owner nor advertiser cannot collect any identifier to provide personalized and retargeting ads.
Implications of iOS 14.5 on Tracking
Identifier Collection for ad tracking will require an opt-in by the user via the App Tracking Transparency prompt.
Without App Tracking Transparency framework opt-in, you cannot collect any identifier for ad tracking such as: IDFAs, fingerprints IDs, user’s location, network connection, session ID, device graph identifiers, etc.
SKAdNetwork framework acts as a new attribution system for paid advertising channels.
Apple introduced SKAdNetwork to help advertisers track performance for advertising channels without having to obtain opt-ins from the users. SKAdNetwork will not share any identifiers with both advertising channel and the attribution solution, however as it provides granular event data, advertising channels and attribution solutions can aggregate the attribution results into a report.
Airbridge’s Solutions to
iOS 14.5
Deferred Install Tracking
To comply with Apple’s policy, Airbridge SDK will defer install event tracking until an ATT opt-in from the user is received. Once the user opts-in, the install event will be tracked and sent to Airbridge’s server for attribution analysis.
Automatic Setting of Conversion Value
Airbridge’s up-to-date iOS SDK helps you to call the “updateConversionValue(_:)” method without having to do any additional development. All you need is to upgrade Airbridge’s iOS SDK to the latest version and the SDK will communicate with the Airbridge server to fetch the right conversion value to set.
Conversion Values (Conversion Bits) Rule Settings
You can configure conversion bits ranging from 0 to 63 easily inside the Airbridge dashboard. Airbridge provides you with most commonly used presets and it is much easier to choose the best fit option for your application. The set conversion bits will be transferred to iOS SDK to call “updateConversionValue(_:)” method according to the post-install user behaviors.
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