Deep linking
Extensive deep linking
Seamlessly bridge users across platforms to specific in-app pages with redirection paths based on their OS and platform.
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Bridge fragmented customer journeys
Airbridge's deferred deep links seamlessly connects users crossing over from an ad or web page to a specific in-app content with or without the app installed.
Branded links
Enhance brand awareness and establish credibility by sharing branded links on social media platforms. Airbridge's branded links allow customization of domain, path, and open graph (preview image, title, and description).
Create and manage deep links with ease
Create deep links conveniently in Airbridge or bulk generate a large number of links through an API or spreadsheets. Tracking links can be managed and modified easily thereafter.
Web-to-app deep linking made possible with a few lines of code
Facilitating web-to-app installation from your mobile website has never been this easy. Implement your own web-to-app marketing campaigns by inserting the [Move to the App] or [Download App] code in just a few simple steps.
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See how clients use Airbridge's deep links
Airbridge is now our turnkey solution for all our marketing pain points from fragmented measurement, data collection, reporting, and deep linking.”
Seungjae Lee
Senior Officer
I cannot stress enough how easily Airbridge measures web-to-app and app-to-web conversions.”
Seulgi Lee
Measuring growth has never been this easy.
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