Extensive Deep Linking

Seamlessly bridge users across various platforms to specific in-app pages while highlighting your branding through our suite of link branding tools.
Airbridge Universal Tracking Link
An Airbridge tracking link is an all-in-one link that serves as a deep linking tool to redirect users and as a tracking tool for attribution. When they are clicked on, tracking links enable users to reach their desired destination in the app depending on the platform, channel, and context. It also helps analyze and attribute the source of user conversions.
Deferred Deep Linking
Achieve higher conversion rates by using Airbridge deferred deep links to provide users with a seamless customer journey when they are crossing over from an ad or web page to a specific in-app content with or without app installation.
Link Branding
Enhance brand awareness and establish credibility when sharing links on social platforms by using Airbridge’s branded links that allow customization of domain, path, and open graph (preview image, title, and description).
Airbridge QR Code
Bridge users to your app or web through deep link QR codes that can be inserted on catalogues, TV programs, desktop websites, or anywhere in your store.
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