Data Export and Integrations

Configure, customize and download raw data via CSV or Google Sheet export. Airbridge offers a wide variety of raw data that can be exported ranging from marketing performance reports, raw data, web and app events, campaign performance metrics, and fraud reports.
Flexible Data Export
Raw data collected from Airbridge’s web + app SDK and tracking links can be sorted into fields and exported into csv with just a few clicks.
Data Integrations
Raw data from Airbridge can be further analyzed for deeper insights through external Mar-Tech SaaS tools. Connect Airbridge data with leading cloud file storages, marketing automation tools, and product analytics with a few simple steps.
GCP Cloud Storage
Azure Blob Storage
Report Sharing
Simply access, export, and share Airbridge’s Actuals Report by using Share Link. Share Link supports a URL where we can download CSV which is updated in real-time.
Query API
Through Query API, programmatically get the results of the actuals report on the Airbridge dashboard.
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