Customizable Attribution Rule & Postback Configuration

Attribution rules and postback settings are highly configurable in Airbridge to suit your business needs and industry standards.
Attribution Rules
Lookback Window for App Install Events
Lookback windows for app install can be customized for each channel according to the nature of your business and advertising channel. For example, lookback windows can be adjusted down to a minimum of 5 minutes for gaming or direct-response style e-commerce companies that usually observe shorter conversion time.
On the other hand, an automobile, travel, or commerce platform can adjust lookback windows up to 30 days. Airbridge allows you to configure lookback windows based on the unit of 5-minute, 1-hour and 1-day up to a maximum of 30 days.
Attribution Window for In-App Events
Instead of an infinite lookback window, attribute more accurately with a configurable in-app event lookback window for deep-link re-engagement campaigns. Just like lookback windows, you can configure the attribution window down to 5 minutes and up to 30 days.
Real-Time Postback
For reporting and ad optimization purposes, Airbridge supports the sending of select event data in real-time back to advertising channels. Postback can be done for events attributed to the ad channel or all events regardless of the attribution result. Once the advertising channel enables postback, selected event data will be delivered to the advertising channel for real-time campaign optimization purposes. Events can be scheduled to be sent on a recurring basis or one time for the first-time.
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