Fraud & attribution rule customize
Reliable attribution data you can trust
Fully customize lookback windows and fraud protection rules to suit your business reporting needs
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No cookie cutter
Customizable lookback windows for events and ad channels
Lookback windows for app install and in-app events can be customized according to the nature of your business and advertising channel from 5 minutes and up to 30 days.
Fraud detection & protection
Customize fraud protection levels and guard against ad fraud
Automatically guard against fraudulent traffic by customizing validation rules. With each rule, you can choose from: 'Mark as fraud', 'Disable postback', and 'Disable attribution'.
Conversion traffic
Detect fraud based on mobile device information in which conversion occured.
Lag time
Detect fraudulent traffic by analyzing the distribution graph of Touchpoint to Install Time (TTIT) and/or Click to Install Time (CTIT).
Frequency capping
Mark touchpoints exceeding specific thresholds as fraudulent.
IP Blocklisting
Detect fraud based on the touchpoint's IP address.
See how clients are protected against fraud
With Airbridge's fraud validation rule, we were able to remove fraudulent installs from our campaigns by customizing filters according to our internal standards. This adds an additional layer of protection on top of the ad channels' own fraud protection measures.”
Sujin Baik
Customize attribution windows to suit your business and agency needs
Customer D, a gaming company, and Customer E, an e-commerce company, have a shorter conversion time. For this reason, they had to scale down the lookback window to 5 minutes. Customer F, a travel company, has a longer conversion time and adjusted the window up to the maximum of 30 days.
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